Why Jesse & Frichtel


Jesse & Frichtel is America’s implant specialty lab. Since 1994, we have restored more than 150,000 implant cases and over 10,000 full arches, including older, hard-to-find components and complex cases with which most labs struggle. Implants are the fastest growing and quickest changing segment in dentistry today. Although many laboratories design patient-specific abutments, they are not sending them to the implant manufacturer for milling, which voids the patient’s warranty. Let’s not forget the fact that the implant manufacturer possesses design patents on their abutments. Your lab may say they have 510(k) clearance, but do you know the design changes that were made due to the implant manufacturer’s patent protection? At a minimum, you should talk to your implant representative. They can tell you where your lab is buying their parts from. Truth be told, there are only two ways to be sure. First, ask your lab to provide the abutment packaging to make sure it came from the company whose implant was placed. Lastly, send your abutment packaging to Jesse & Frichtel. We only use implant manufacturer parts designed specifically for your patient by our experts.

You may find it interesting to note that Jesse & Frichtel had to bring in German masters and German trained technicians to do this work. The only way this could be done was to prove that no persons in the U.S. had the expertise to produce proper implant cases. We now employ seven German trained technicians, which should explain exactly why you want implant experts working on your cases.

Jesse & Frichtel takes the stress out of knowing you have the correct parts to take your implant level scan or impression by providing them to you at no charge if we finish the case. We also include standard shipping, gold-hue anodizing for improved esthetics, and any technical support you may need. Finally, your finished case will include a complimentary jig to ensure abutment orientation is as accurate as it is fast.

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