Removables are an affordable alternative to implant-supported restorations and our technicians draw on years of experience to provide prostheses that are as functional and comfortable as they are esthetic.

Premium Dentures

Free your patients from discomfort and insecurity with Jesse and Frichtel’s premium removables solutions. Every premium denture is meticulously crafted by specialist removables technicians and fully characterized for premium esthetics. With individualized base shades and tooth selection chosen to suit patients’ age, sex and facial structure, our removables restore a confident smile.

Valplast® Flexible Partials

Lightweight and biocompatible, Valplast® flexible partials are a superior alternative to cast alloy partials. The flexibility of nylon polymer bases not only make Valplast partials more durable than RPDs, but also allow them to change shape with natural movements of the mouth, distributing masticatory load over the entire appliance and offer comfort unavailable with cast partials. Available in five gingival shades and clear, Valplast is a hypo-allergenic choice for patients with sensitivity to standard acrylics.

Precision Attachment Restorations

When fixed bridgework isn’t possible for anatomical or other limitations, precision attachment partials from Jesse and Frichtel offer a solution that balances comfort and function. Featuring a precision-machined mounting mechanism to affix partials to crowns outfitted with latches, this solution provides a more comfortable and more stable option than most alternatives.

Conus Telescopic Restorations

A superior alternative to conventional bar and overdenture restorations, telescopic restorations feature a removable denture that affixes directly to implants. By using Atlantis’s Conus system, we deliver a friction-fit denture that allows for easy removal for maintenance while offering a virtually wear-free retention solution, eliminating the need to replace worn balls or locators.

We craft dentures with the same attention to natural esthetics as our premium dentures, matching teeth, gingiva and esthetics to match patients’ age, sex and facial characteristics.