There’s no such thing as a small case at Jesse and Frichtel. Our crown and bridge technicians pay the same amount of attention to a single-unit posterior crown as they do when restoring a full-arch implant case. Our familiarity in a wide range of materials, from traditional alloy-based crowns to the all-ceramics of the CAD/CAM era, ensures even the routine cases receive the attention to detail upon which we built our laboratory’s reputation.

Premium Aesthetic FCZ

J&F has combined the latest advances in material science with the abilities of our German masters to develop our Premium FCZ restorations. Palladium, the most used alloy in semi-precious, was under $180 an ounce, now it is over $1100. With our Premium Aesthetic FCZ restoration, you can prescribe a highly esthetic and durable restoration without the added metal fee.

Zirlux® 16+

Offering the strength of full-contour zirconia with the predictability of consistent shading, Zirlux® 16+ is an ideal alternative to PFM restorations. Because of its monolithic composition, it eliminates gingival discoloration or grey spots common with alloys. Reliably producing all 16 Vita® Classical shades, its 1,100 MPa flexural strength guarantees durability, while producing little wear on opposing enamel.


The original ceramic restoration, porcelain fused to metal crowns deliver the classical combination of an alloy’s strength with the natural shading and sheen of feldspathic porcelain. Jesse & Frichtel ceramists hand-layer porcelain on your choice of alloy – nonprecious, semiprecious or precious – for results as predictable as our CAD/CAM restorations.

IPS e.max®

Achieve anterior-quality results with the precision of digital design and fabrication with IPS e.max® from Jesse & Frichtel. Lithium disilicate ceramics deliver translucency and shading that more closely resembles natural enamel than zirconia restorations. With average flexural strengths of 360 MPa, e.max is more than twice as strong as feldspathic porcelain with a wide range of lifelike shades.

Digital Full-Cast Crown

When strength and biocompatibility are paramount, full cast crowns remain the standard. Cast by veteran technicians with extensive experience working with precious alloy, full-cast crowns have proven to be more resistant to plaque and bacteria than other traditional materials. Each full-cast crown we ship is accompanied by a an IdentAlloy sticker identifying its composition, manufacturer, brand name and standard symbol for proper insurance billing.