Design Services


Jesse & Frichtel design process

Jesse & Frichtel’s implant experts can help you find success on your implant cases with guided surgery, irrespective of your practice’s choice of guided surgery planning software – or lack of software. Starting with a CBCT scan, marry anatomical data in-house on your preferred platform, or allow our German-trained MDTs combine intraoral and CBCT data for perfect 3D conversions.

Once anatomical data is digitally combined, we collaborate with our doctors to develop a case plan to suit your patient’s needs and begin fabrication in our laboratory. Using split-file technology on our Genuine Digital Workflow, our technicians design each component necessary for your implant case. Patient-specific surgical guides and crowns fabricated to perfectly complement abutment and tissue profiles are fabricated in house. After in-house design by our experts, abutments are fabricated by implant manufacturers’ workflows, assuring FDA compliance and an ideal fit with implants.