Jesse & Frichtel’s digital workflow is unique. We invested the capital to guarantee the precision and dependability major implant manufacturers require of their in-house processes. We built partnerships with many leading implant manufacturers that allows us to design genuine OEM manufacturer abutments in house on our workflow that maintain warranties and are guaranteed to seat seamlessly.

We also work closely with every major implant manufacturer including being on the alpha and beta test teams for new products as well as digital workflow.

Do You Know What Your Lab Is Selling You?

Due to the increase of knockoff abutments, implant companies are seeing more abutment-related complications and failures than ever. Not only do knockoff abutments void your patients' implant manufacturer warranty, they also violate multiple FDA laws on abutment designs and 510(k) clearances. Read more about the risks and complications of using knockoff abutments below.


The Importance of EXPERT Implant Technicians

Did you know, the average age of a technician that can complete a case from start to finish is over 60? Furthermore, the number of technicians that can verify an impression post is in the correct position in an implant-level impression are next to none. That's why we've brought in six German CDTs who have received world-class training in all aspects of dentistry, to complete the restorations that no one else in the United States can. Read more about the importance of expert implant technicians below.