Go Modeless

Go Modeless

Is your current lab giving you a 20% discount for going modeless? We do, everyday!

Going modeless reduces our production time, and we believe the price you pay should reflect that. Every Zirlux® 16+ modeless case costs $79, which is a savings of $20 from the everyday price of cases that utilize models. Through the combined use of digital impressions and 5 axis milling, our Master Dental Technicians expertly fabricate these premium zirconia restorations with uncompromising accuracy and quality. With easy digital submissions and a more comfortable patient experience, submitting your case to our lab is convenient and beneficial to your practice. Discover all the benefits of Zirlux® 16+ from Jesse & Frichtel, which includes the following:


  • Only $79 modeless cases
  • Every premium Zirlux case is overseen by MDTs
  • Able to match all 16 VITA® Classical shades
  • Eliminates gingival discoloration and grey spots
  • Highly reduced enamel wear
  • 1,100 MPa


  • Full-Contour Crowns
  • Full-Contour Bridges
  • Onlays
  • Layered Ceramics