Meeting re-licensure educational requirements shouldn’t be a chore. It’s an opportunity to build upon your knowledge and stay up to date with exciting advances in materials technology and procedures. Jesse & Frichtel is committed to providing our doctors with high-quality educational opportunities.

Please check back often for our exciting line-up of continuing education opportunities, which will help take your practice to the next level.

Meeting 33: Fundamentals of Medical Billing by Dental Practices

Two Day Event: June 2nd & August 18th, 2017
Dr. Chris Farrugia
Presenter: Dr. Chris Farrugia
Commercial Supporter: Jesse & Frichtel Dental Labs
Cost: $179 for clinicians, $179 for staff
CDE Credits: 12 CE credits

Description: Successfully accessing medical benefits requires the dental office to step out of their “dentocentric” view of their practice and into a medical view. In this course, dental practices will learn to separate the medical portion of their services from the dental, narrow the claims filed to medically necessary services, and submit documentation correctly. The results? Prompt payment of medical claims.

Meeting 35: Immediate Provisionalization and Full Arch Seminar

Day: September 15, 2017
Dr. Brian Jackson
Presenter: Dr. Brian Jackson
Commercial Supporter: Jesse & Frichtel Dental Labs
Cost: $99 for clinicians, $99 for staff
CDE Credits: 6 CE credits

Description: Implant dentistry with a patient focused approach toward better results in less time encourages treatment acceptance. Immediate implant placement with provisionalization is a long established and scientifically proven approach to implant therapy. The program will place emphasis on initial diagnosis, surgery and prosthetics to streamline procedures valuable to the patient. Limitations, complications and unique case situations will be discussed and managed via an understanding of “Decision Trees”. Case presentations will demonstrate the protocols in order for the doctor to leave confident to initiate an IL protocol immediately in their practice.